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As for Gary, anyone who knows him knows he is the most uncorrupt person.
The Index considers not just how much aid donors give, but also quality factors such as whether the aid goes to countries that are particularly poor but uncorrupt.
Three years ago, the pressure of a looming international aid summit induced President Bush to launch the Millennium Challenge Account, an instrument for plowing generous aid into poor countries with uncorrupt institutions and good policies.
The coffin was opened and the saint's body was found still uncorrupt.
How to uncorrupt Africa's future: Political corruption is insidious throughout Africa.
The fallen person was tainted or morally defective and therefore could not be relied upon to obtain uncorrupt moral knowledge independent of God, scripture, church, or clergy.
154-56), America pretends "to be uncorrupt of sin, / while worm-infested, rotten through within
A capable, energetic, and determined soldier, he was, by the standards of his time, a morally upright and uncorrupt leader; under other circumstances he might have unified China.
President Maithripala Sirisena said he is totally dedicated and committed to build the Sri Lanka Freedom Party (SLFP) as a clean, unstained, uncorrupt and principled party that provides leadership to the nation through honest and dedicated politicians.
The democracy and freedom, unselective justice and uncorrupt judiciary and independent journalism are more than needed.
He makes a secret plot against 147 government officials with the help of his friend (Soori), a Lawyer (Panju Subbu), popular news anchor (Gopinath) and some uncorrupt bureaucrats.
Civil society needs to support the army in this because a disciplined and uncorrupt army is the ultimate guarantor of our democratic state.