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For impulse noise suppression, we first specify the impulse values and locate the corrupted pixels, and then estimate their original values using the information provided by the uncorrupted pixels.
The growing number of corporate and employee-owned mobile devices poses a challenge for enterprises that want to let employees choose their own devices, while making sure sensitive data remains secure and business applications uncorrupted.
He compared the APS now to the organization he joined 67 years ago which he said was "much smaller, much gentler, and as yet uncorrupted by the money flood".
In countries that lack competent and uncorrupted governments, or that are dominated by foreign interests, the benefits of resource development flow to a tiny elite or are siphoned abroad.
As an outsider from Nagpur, he was said to be the most qualified man for the job, unbeholden to any faction and uncorrupted by the dirty intra-party fights that frequently erupted in the Central office.
I have been a skeptic of the validity of audits, and remain somewhat unconvinced the methodology put forth will be sufficient and uncorrupted.
At the time Rutherford explains "there was a strong desire for a return to nature and an emphasis on uncorrupted simplicity.
The exhumed and uncorrupted body of Padre Pio of Pietrelcina, displayed in a glass coffin, has gone on display in the crypt of his former monastery in San Giovanni Rotondo, Italy.
enough song placements to keep the lights on and an uncorrupted sense of artistic control.
Providing he remains uncorrupted by the sycophants who will surround him and the power he now commands I think he will do well.
Like our granddaughter, these little girls are seven and still so innocent and uncorrupted that you literally wish you could put a protective ring around them and shield them forever from the encroaching world which seems hell bent on stealing their innocence.
for them a working day and that the dead will rise uncorrupted and