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Tamar Guimaraes, La incorrupta (The Uncorrupted), 2016, HD video projection, Color, sound 36 minutes.
It examines the spatial correlation of suspicious image pixels to decrease the false detection of uncorrupted pixels as corrupted.
They will give Scotland a clear, uncorrupted voice.
The data put out by the Governments in developed countries is reliable and uncorrupted.
According to Al-Taweel, Dayyan "always refused to be accompanied by escorts." Al-Taweel claimed that the deputy governor was well-liked and widely seen as uncorrupted, adding that Dayyan had not faced any death threats.
With rear-wheel drive, steering uncorrupted by front driveshafts and a good bit of poke, it could be a great little car.
The uses of silence examined here include the muted tones in Kierkegaard's fear and trembling, political silencing (such as cartographic silences in Brian Friels's translations and Becket's Cold War texts) silencing one's own voice (self-censorship, how to foster silence), fascination with the void (the image of the falling man), body language(the secret sensation of self and other, the Japanese tea ceremony as a form of contemplative ellipses), pure and uncorrupted pantomime (classical and medieval science), silenced women in Latin elegy, and speaking in "saintly silence."
Rumor has it that there is a place called the Blue, a land uncorrupted, for which many have searched and failed.
And as Samuel Johnson said, it's the common reader "uncorrupted by literary prejudices" who gets the last word in any discussion of literature.
But audiences seemed pleased and generally uncorrupted and generally undismayed by the colourless ooze which drips from these characters in the name of comedy, and I smiled rather than exploded with laughter.
But in the Eighties, after a sweep by elite police, two uncorrupted magistrates, Giovanni Falcone and Paolo Borsellino, held mass trials convicting 342 mafiosi.
The legal acts on the image are subject to requirements of capacity and the consent given by a person must be uncorrupted. The consent granted is revocable until the publication of the person's image.