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Is the word "local" really uncorruptible? Looking closely at area food retailers, there are a few surprises to be found.
Woodress calls Tom "that uncorruptible youth" (372), and James Maxfield asserts that Tom "most nearly embod[ies] ...
Marietta Stow began the Equal Rights Party because she had long been interested in matters of public policy and because readers of her newspaper, The Women's Herald of Industry, had expressed an interest in a "new, clean, uncorruptible party."
THE most rumpled and uncorruptible cop on television, Pat Chappel, returns in a new three-part series of the near-to-the-knuckle crime drama.
Hemingway himself felt a special connection to Spain, and of all the Spanish peoples he encountered, he found the Basques the most "straightforward, honest, uncorruptible."(34) In Hemingway and Spain: A Pursuit, Edward F.
In the big picture, he was perceptive, generous, honest, uncorruptible, and a very graceful writer in his own, leather-armchair way.