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The function of eNOS is compromised in diseases such as diabetes and hypertension, where eNOS produces superoxide anion instead of NO by a process termed "eNOS uncoupling" [41].
In addition, the increased UCP2 and UCP3 in heart, even if being associated with inefficiency of oxidative phosphorylation due to uncoupling, results in increased fatty acid oxidation as fuel utilization [92].
Essential role for uncoupling protein-3 in mitochondrial adaptation to fasting but not in fatty acid oxidation or fatty acid anion export.
The remaining 56 SFPSC specimens were used in fatigue experiments, including 10 specimens used for the room temperature and atmospheric environmental tests (controlling experiments), 20 specimens used for the experiments under uncoupling action of hot-wet environments and cyclic loads, and 26 specimens used for the experiments under coupling action of hot-wet environments and cyclic loads.
Caption: Figure 16: The rock mass damage degree comparison with different uncoupling media.
After the trip with Nick to the Bathurst estate, Jessica said: "When Gwyneth and Chris announced that they were consciously uncoupling, I had no idea what they meant.
Nick, 54, said later: "When they said they were consciously uncoupling I had no idea what it meant.
The aim of these experiments was to evaluate the contribution of mitochondria to ATP synthesis (experiment 2), patterns of sperm kinetics (experiment 3), and oxidative homeostasis (experiment 4) of bovine epididymal sperm and verify if stimulation of the glycolytic pathway would be able to maintain these sperm parameters that are probably suppressed by mitochondrial uncoupling.
KeedeRoll[TM] 100 - An entangled net uncoupling mat designed to keep tiles isolated and prevent any transfer of cracks.

Who has said he believes Scotland will have a "conscious uncoupling" with the rest of the UK and vote for independence in the next decade?
LOS ANGELES -- Gwyneth Paltrow and Chris Martin are officially uncoupling after the actress filed for divorce after more than 11 years of marriage.
The couple, who are to divorce a year after they revealed they were "consciously uncoupling" following a decade of marriage, will also share custody of their children Apple, 10, and Moses, eight.