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The white woman, who would ordinarily subordinate a black woman, is stripped of any such superiority and status, and is at the same time revealed to be entirely uncourageous since a mere black woman is capable of opposing white supremacy in Mississippi while she, a "lady," has remained silent.
a ruthless and uncourageous parent and leader (690).
He continued to believe in the fairy tale of empire, in the "world of youth." West condemns him, and yet she goes on to state a paradox: she respects him for his courage in "defending this uncourageous position" (439).
characterizes himself as an uncourageous anti-hero, unfit to lead his
These are the ones that James laid bare: it is wrong, uncourageous, unmanly, a kind of self-indulgent cheating, to have recourse to this kind of interpretation, which we know appeals to something in us, offers comfort, or meaning, and which we therefore should fend off, unless absolutely driven to them by the evidence, which is manifestly not the case.
French generals hamstrung their forces with inadequate doctrine, poor training, uncourageous leadership in the field and in the corridors of power, and a flawed plan of campaign that offered opportunity exactly where the Germans attempted to seize it.
But I'm not uncourageous and, being on my own - the caring Andrew Morton had shussed well ahead - I knew I had to make the effort or freeze to death and be found next spring after the thaw.