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Numerous reports of dirty equipment with faulty climate controls, uncourteous staff, and frequent delays betray the harsh challenges that have always confronted passenger railroading.
Malvolio has some faults, but even in this regard Shakespeare rehabilitates him: Fabian confesses that they wrote the letter "Upon some stubborn and uncourteous parts / We had conceiv'd against him" (5.
74) Despite how uncourteous and unkind we may cast the
N=152) 61% Very Courteous 9% Somewhat Courteous 24% Neutral 5% Not Courteous 1% Very Uncourteous 5.
And in the case of "be hese felle" from which the giants emerge, the topography even teams up with Gawain's opponents by increasing their already existing advantage of ground in what is a thoroughly uncourteous gesture: as one would except of this rampaging wilderness, it does not play by the rules of chivalry.