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Percy Pursglove, star soloist on the Jonathan Silk Big Band's first album Uncouth
Then, to add insult to ignorance, the writer referred to the SLUGs as "benign and uncouth.
After a tourney in Exeter in 1195 there is an altercation between an uncouth knight named Hugo Peverel and a noble French knight named Reginald de Charterai.
His elderly journeyman actor Maurice, though in fragile health, exudes a fun-loving lifetime's worth of sophistication, passion and irresponsible self-centeredness as he lusts after a colleague's uncouth grand-niece, played by talented newcomer Jodie Whittaker.
It comes to a group, likely uncouth and unbathed, dazzled by the light of a sky torn open.
And however uncouth his sex scenes become, the devoted concentration of his museum audience moving trancelike from picture to picture told me that everyone would grant Nordstrom at least five, perhaps ten more chances to end his naughty storytelling before they stormed from the museum.
Bold and fiery in its most generic form, Kentucky straight bourbon whiskey is jokingly referred to as an uncouth and coarse swig for banjo-infatuated rabble-rousers.
There is nothing more uncouth than getting schlocked off the pope's beer.
Even if it means cheating a young Gypsy girl of her Playboy magazine, blackmailing a lascivious preacher, publishing an atrocious poet, even conspiring with a band of uncouth cowboys.
Under the "Homeland Security" regime being erected to fight the open-ended "war on terror," practically any crime--and many uncouth but nonviolent pranks--can fall under the definition of terrorism if the target is somehow connected to the federal government.
Wild baboons may look fierce and uncouth, but don't underestimate their social aptitude, suggest two studies in the Nov.
Taxi drivers, on the other hand, have a reputation for being an uncouth, somewhat surly lot.