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Pat Cash started it - typically uncouth Australian - when he won the title in 1987 and felt the need to climb up to the players' box and embrace his coaching team and family.
Sources have revealed that the 19-year-old popstar made the uncouth remark about the former Disney star "with no embarrassment or shyness", Metro.
It contains nearly all the young jazz players you can hear around Birmingham in countless small combos, and it has recorded its first album, Uncouth, with trumpeter Percy Pursglove as star soloist.
I've been an ardent reader of Akua Djanie's column ever since she appeared in your esteemed magazine, but take a great exception to some of the issues she raised against Raila Odinga and Nana Akufo-Addo in the July issue, describing their actions as uncouth (defined as a person or their appearance or behaviour as lacking good manners, refinement, or grace).
Those fishing were no better, discarding fishing line hooks and litter and the uncouth language left a lot to be desired.
WHEN Wayne Rooney swears live on TV, he is an uncouth, ill-educated yob.
Most of us have to accept this and do not see the need to take to the streets and act in an uncouth manner.
Her crass, uncouth (and hilarious) working class friend Megan (Melissa McCarthy) confronts her self-pity, convincing Annie not to give up, but to stand up for herself.
While uncouth nightclub entertainer Ralph is shocked to discover his royal ancestry, Britain is less than thrilled to learn an American will become the head of state.
Addressing a press conference at PML-N secretariat on Thursday, referring to Pervez Musharrafs statement regarding sending infiltrators in Indian occupied Kashmir, he accused Musharraf, as an uncouth and imprudent braggart, responsible for back stabbing the cause of Kashmir, who had least concern, prudence and sense about what and when he was divulging, publicly and privately, and what was and was not detrimental to National honour and pride.
He is beyond description Scotch and uncouth in his speech--altogether uncouth.
It is not only a serious health hazard but also a very uncouth habit.