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In "Chaosheng youjidui" [TEXT NOT REPRODUCIBLE IN ASCII] ("Birth-quota-exceeding Guerrilla," 1990), Song and Huang Hong [TEXT NOT REPRODUCIBLE IN ASCII], a Shandong-native comedian from a Shenyang military performance troupe, both speaking an identifiable Northeast Mandarin, play a shabbily dressed and uncouthly behaved rural couple.
Included in the 1846 RA as Scene from Roderick Random, the catalog quoted lines from the same passage in the novel that Wilkie had once thought of treating, though instead of uncouthly sucking his cudgel, Leslie just has the old man holding his stick.
The men engage in "incessant" spitting while they sit uncouthly with "legs thrown sometimes over the front of the box, sometimes over the side of it .
When I saw Blair hovering at the shoulder of Bush as the latter gnawed uncouthly on a chewy piece of food, it reminded me of a fawning courtier beseeching for preferment and currying favour from a sozzled old monarch.