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"That is true," said Don Quixote, and, taking a handkerchief out of his pocket, he begged the Distressed One to bandage his eyes very carefully; but after having them bandaged he uncovered them again, saying, "If my memory does not deceive me, I have read in Virgil of the Palladium of Troy, a wooden horse the Greeks offered to the goddess Pallas, which was big with armed knights, who were afterwards the destruction of Troy; so it would he as well to see, first of all, what Clavileno has in his stomach."
Sancho did so, and, bidding them farewell, allowed his eyes to he bandaged, but immediately afterwards uncovered them again, and looking tenderly and tearfully on those in the garden, bade them help him in his present strait with plenty of Paternosters and Ave Marias, that God might provide some one to say as many for them, whenever they found themselves in a similar emergency.
Although the sample size was small, the purpose of this study was to uncover issues that need further investigation; generalization was not a focus of this study.
Verifier automatically extracts properties from Verilog RTL designs to uncover such problems as multiple clock domain synchronization errors, Finite State Machine (FSM) deadlock, and Code Reachability errors.
To successfully trace money and property, the investigator must know how to uncover hidden assets, how to identify ownership interests often camouflaged by changes in the form and nature of the ownership, and how to accurately unravel cleverly disguised control over, and interest in, property.
ingenta has announced that access to the UnCover database, which contains over 11 million article citations and full-text articles from journals and publications across the globe, all archived back to 1988, is now live and available through its Web site.
Now, the fast-growing search-and-delivery service has announced that it has merged with UnCover, the popular Colorado-based service that provides journal tables of contents and faxed document delivery.
Umbria doesn't exactly fit into the romantic category of the sublime-but-neglected place, but it's still a little hard to get there, and patience is required to uncover the region's rewards--not an inaccurate metaphor for looking at Sillman's work.
Meanwhile, the Spanish expedition working in Tel Haloula site continued to uncover findings dating back to the 7th millennium BC, while the Syrian-Polish joint expedition working in Tel al-Kramel north of Aleppo city resumed their work in three sectors.
1 : to make known usually by investigation <Police uncovered a crime.>
IN PROPHET AND TEACHER: AN INTRODUCTION TO the Historical Jesus (Westminster) biblical scholar William Herzog, who acknowledges all the problems with trying to find the Jesus behind and before the gospels, has set out to uncover a radical and prophetic Jesus who is haunted by a vision of God's reign that challenges the economic and political systems of his day (and ours).
UnCover Reveal is a "push" service that sends tables of contents from any of the 18,000 journal titles in the UnCover database via e-mail.