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Patients in the UNCOVER trials were randomized to 80 mg of ixekizumab every 2 weeks after a starting dose of 160 mg, 80 mg every 4 weeks after the same starting dose, or subcutaneous placebo injections, for 12 weeks.
Wales welcomed around 4,500 Belgian refugees, so there are plenty of stories to uncover.
Uncover provides real-time inventory to London's most desirable restaurants including 44 Michelin stars such as Alain Ducasse Restaurants, Nobu, Coya, LIMA, Restaurant Story, Taberna do Mercado, and The Clove Club.
Our troops uncover weapons used by the LTTE everyday.
But Singer and Mason uncover the high and hidden cost of cheap chicken (and eggs and milk) when they take us behind the meat and dairy counters to factory farms that no agribusiness representative wants anyone to see.
To successfully trace money and property, the investigator must know how to uncover hidden assets, how to identify ownership interests often camouflaged by changes in the form and nature of the ownership, and how to accurately unravel cleverly disguised control over, and interest in, property.
The company chose the ALA Midwinter Meeting in San Antonio, Texas, as the forum for its announcement, taking advantage of nearby booths in the exhibit hall and a planned UnCover User Group meeting to give a presentation and meet customers.
The library automation company CARL Corporation and related UnCover Company have been purchased from The Dialog Corporation by Ward Shaw, who has been CARL's chairman and CEO since its founding.
One issue for potential purchasers, equity investors and lenders who are examining whether to retinanee a mortgage, is that taking too long to uncover the information costs too much.
2 : to make visible by removing some covering <We shoveled away the dirt to uncover the treasure.
IN PROPHET AND TEACHER: AN INTRODUCTION TO the Historical Jesus (Westminster) biblical scholar William Herzog, who acknowledges all the problems with trying to find the Jesus behind and before the gospels, has set out to uncover a radical and prophetic Jesus who is haunted by a vision of God's reign that challenges the economic and political systems of his day (and ours).