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The counselor introduces the storied approach as a framework for uncovering the chapters in the client's past and present story.
Congress cited in the Congressional Record the newsletter's work in uncovering the scandal, and The Washington Post and the Los Angeles Times relied on the newsletter in follow-up coverage.
Copies of the Guide to Uncovering the Right on Campus cost $7 each, and a one-year subscription to UCP's quarterly bulletin Study War No More including the Guide costs $25.
In turn, head of the Archeological Excavations Department Yousef Kanjo said that his department surveyed the Tel Berneh site south of Aleppo city, proving that it dates back to pre-Neolithic times, uncovering several finds including flint, bone and clay shards.
Together the intrepid investigators use their talents to move through a maze of artistic, linguistic, and mathematical codes and puzzles, unraveling the mystery of Saunier's murder and uncovering the greater mystery of his identity as the head of an ancient secret society entrusted with a secret about Christianity's founder and origins.
The as-yet-unnamed animals come from a quarry near Price, Utah, where researchers are uncovering many new dinosaur species.
A solid auditing or accounting background is helpful in uncovering white-collar crime, but it's not the whole answer.
Uncovering the Sixties: The Life and Times of the Underground Press.
Hasan added that work is underway in al-Kahef castle in Amrit, with excavations uncovering limestone walls forming small chambers, a well, a limestone basin, a small stone mortar and pestle, bronze coins, and pottery fragment dating back to the Islamic era.
"Given that whistleblowers proved instrumental in uncovering fraud in recent high-profile cases and that such a policy is one of the easiest elements of a corporate governance program to put in place, it's surprising more companies haven't done so," says Gauen.
Doing feminist theology means uncovering the pervasive and unnoticed sexist bias that distorts our language, worship, and biblical stories of God and oppresses, marginalizes, and belittles half of humanity.