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Uncovering the Sixties shifts easily from third-person narrative to personal recollection.
The expeditions have been working in 121 sites, uncovering during emergency excavations within the current season a number of important discoveries such as four burial chambers dating back to the Roman era, containing pottery and glassware.
Given that whistleblowers proved instrumental in uncovering fraud in recent high-profile cases and that such a policy is one of the easiest elements of a corporate governance program to put in place, it's surprising more companies haven't done so," says Gauen.
Doing feminist theology means uncovering the pervasive and unnoticed sexist bias that distorts our language, worship, and biblical stories of God and oppresses, marginalizes, and belittles half of humanity.
His supporters note it took the FBI almost five years to conclude a sting operation aimed at uncovering kickbacks, before a slew of top California lawmakers, including state Assemblyman Pat Nolan, were wearing prison gray.
As well as uncovering a cornucopia of Lapita artifacts, the investigators came upon the remnants of a stilt house that once stood in the shallow water of a lagoon, reports Kirch in the summer JOURNAL OF FIELD ARCHAEOLOGY.
Representative of the Syrian side in the expedition Nadim al-Khouri pointed out that the Horta site has two levels, one Roman and one Byzantine, and that excavations for this season focused on uncovering a temple dedicated to the god Mithras, the principal figure of the Greco-Roman religion of Mithraism.