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Asher and Talbot's uncovery of the imperial culture of the ruling elites in pre-colonial India excavates a picture more nuanced and complex than that found in most analyses to date.
That period in the 1970s and 1980s was a time of uncovery and discovery, of unknown and little known African American literary works being written about, of crucial bibliographies being compiled and published on various writers, known and unknown.
Helene Cixous and the Uncovery of a Feminine Language.
It is therefore not difficult for me to regard his work as the uncovery of a new meaning hidden in an ancient text, and to regard Dr.
With exquisite care, Ernaux lays bare the process of uncovery as she returns to the traumatic past on its own terms.
First, he describes Adorno's uncovery, in the chapter on Stravinsky in The Philosophy of Modern Music, of a musical analogue to the phenomenon of "depersonalization" in psychiatry.
Other problems will come with the uncovery of the neurologic basis for certain forms of thought disorders, compulsive behaviors, or neuroses.
Lift out each leaf shape to uncovery glass surface.
To begin this uncovery, she ventured into Africa and exposed women's sexual blinding, or what she prefers to term female genital mutilation.