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Saeedi [16] in a research with the title " studying the relation between teacher's creativity with students creativity in grades 4 & 5 of elementary schools in the 11th state of Tehran " showed that the students taught by a creative teacher were more creative in fluency, originality, flexibility and elaboration elements than those with an uncreative teacher.
Fletcher points out that Sayers is asking us if it cannot be argued that "in confining most people to uncreative activities and an uncreative outlook, we are not doing violence to their very nature.
In China, you have 70 percent of the workforce that's STEM, and they're very analytical but very uncreative.
They also show prospects that you're lazy, uncreative, and possibly incapable of delivering quality work.
Sunderland might just muster a challenge if the crowd stay with them because of Poyet's home unveiling, Lee Cattermole outmuscles Tiote in bone-shuddering conflict in the middle of the park, and Steven Fletcher can somehow squeeze a goal out of uncreative approach work.
They believe that this way of seeing the budget reflects in fact how uncreative the ethnic Albanian parties are in offering new ideas to their electorate and is meant to ascertain their survival in the political arena.
He sets out an interpretive framework for understanding both Lewis' accomplishment and the critical preoccupations of Lewis studies, which he finds to have helped generate uncreative, hagiographical, and thus mediocre books.
Douglas Huebler en Untitled statements, 1968, revisitado por Kenneth Goldsmith en Uncreative writing en 2011.
But when you plunge into the uncreative waters of precise annual replication, decline is inevitable.
In the light of the recent visit by US Deputy Assistant Secretary of State Philip Reeker, journalist Mirka Velinovska analyzes Macedonia's foreign policy saying it is naive, anemic, uncreative and masochistic.
Last night senior political figures in Newcastle described the changes as the "culmination of a long process of withdrawal, retrenchment and subsequent loss in the region" and argued an organisation based on championing creativity had taken the most uncreative of money-saving options.
It's possible that literature, and particularly poetry of the kind championed by Goldsmith in Uncreative Writing, might now be taking up the avant-garde baton, finding ways to convey experience in ways adequate to our new technological circumstances.