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Some experts comment that this easy acceptance of modern trends, however bizarre they are, shows that the parents do not pay enough attention to their children, who get very uncritical toward what is being served and may easily reach out for more dangerous "trends" such as drugs in the future.
London, June 1 ( ANI ): London-based artists have taken the typical 21,000 words found in an average dictionary, and then searched every one through Google Images to give an "unfiltered, uncritical record" of human culture in 2012.
I have yet to see extensive reporting in other international news magazines and believe the world media to be largely unquestioning and uncritical of this institution.
The film is oddly superficial and steadfastly uncritical of Maggie, but Streep is always watchable, to the extent that at times you feel a certain warm fuzziness about the Iron Lady.
In fact, almost every indignity just mentioned can be attributed to an uncritical faith in a man named Jesus.
But softball questions (along with a stage-managed scene of Chavez tottering on a kid's bike in his childhood backyard) make for an uncritical, top-down approach to understanding a populist movement.
While this book studies carefully and critically the degree of success that various governments have had in reintegrating workers into the labour force and/or keeping former workers from starving, it is remarkably uncritical about the political economy arrangements that treat workers like pawns on a profit-making chessboard.
Or are the rank and file of the party to be bludgeoned or cowed into an uncritical subservience towards the leadership?
The document--Libertatis nuntius--condemned "an uncritical adoption by some theologians of opinions and methods drawn from Marxism," Benedict said.
Emilija Geleva in Nova Makedonija says today that the Macedonian Academy of Sciences and Arts (MANU) has been exposed these days to hysterical violence by a number of uncritical and unprofessional media.
While not entirely uncritical of every aspect of these interventions, he judges the United States to have had some limited success in this area precisely because, in the wake of Vietnam, it recognized the limits on its power and opted for strategies of limited and indirect intervention.
Rosen also spends the entire last chapter pouting what seems like excessive uncritical adoration on the newly minted chief justice, John Roberts, whom Rosen interviewed at length.