uncritical acceptance

See: credulity
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But uncritical acceptance by the general population of some uses of the technology does not mean that there is no need for regulations or even bans.
Sympathy for the Federalists' worldview too often approaches uncritical acceptance of their claims as fact and of their motives as more progressive than they actually were.
The quote is: "There is much reason to be apprehensive about the long-run dangers created in a much wider field by the uncritical acceptance of assertions which have the appearance of being scientific."
She warned against "uncritical acceptance of every utterance of a pontiff," which, she wrote, "is both clericalism and a kind of papolatry But if faculty are dissenting from Church teaching or dismissing papal statements out of hand, that is a serious problem.
Otherwise it is uncritical acceptance of PR and agency material and announcements of local events.
The naivete of the modernisation project was a direct result of uncritical acceptance of the colonisers' self-lionisation
Aligning androcentric humanist ideology with the adolescent male gaze, Grossman's series renders visible the processes by which the uncritical acceptance of the discrete human body reduces, mutilates, compresses, and disavows the full range of possibilities for female (and human) subjectivity, embodiment, and agency.
He argues that corporations have intruded into schooling in ways like financing STEM (science, technology, engineering, and math) education, providing STEM curricula, and creating other curricula aimed at fostering uncritical acceptance of the dominant economic-political order, decreasing key areas of the curriculum, narrowing students' understandings and critical thinking, and promoting confusion about the global economy and its impact.
What has been lost is replaced by an uncritical acceptance of many things from the West.
'We need to avoid uncritical acceptance of this new version of malignant normality and, instead, bring our knowledge and experience to exposing it for what it is,' says Robert Jay Lifton, MD, who is acknowledged as one of the top, if not the top, mental health experts, on Trump's behavior.
It is poignant to note from an anarchist perspective that there seems to be a somewhat uncritical acceptance of some hierarchies that exist within communities beyond the primary contradiction (male supremacy and heteropatriarchy) that is the focus of the book.
* Completely uncritical acceptance of the claims and promises of mindfulness.