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Must we keep uncritically repeating the old chestnut about how an expansion of organic agriculture to a worldwide scale would lead to plowing the rainforests and turning vast numbers of us into lowly agricultural serfs?
To uncritically accept every claim of a recovered memory of sexual abuse is dangerous for many people.
The book is a useful antidote to the optimism about the Millennium Goals by people like Jeffrey Sachs [author of The End of Poverty]: these goals need to be analyzed by economists, not embraced uncritically as if we were PR persons rather than scholars.
But they could well make themselves heard in the voting booth by politicians who embrace uncritically the "cause" of the Jena Six.
But she accepts uncritically the view of the journalists that the media were powerless to prevent the RCMP from manipulating their coverage.
Weil responded, "I think it's because I don't uncritically accept alternative medicine or uncritically reject conventional medicine.
We publish an article about the latest discoveries in cosmology, and I get letters from readers asking why Sky & Telescope uncritically accepts the Big Bang theory and the existence of dark matter and dark energy.
McNulty: Such sustained interest -- some might call it infatuation -- with Obama has some readers questioning whether the Tribune has been writing too much and too uncritically about the junior senator from Illinois.
Words of these false prophets are uncritically applauded by journalists, who sometimes join in the scaremongering--notably Paul Krugman, the economist turned New York Times columnist.
While the article acknowledged the existence of opposition to women's ordination on the basis of scripture and tradition, it accepted uncritically the belief of some women that they are experiencing an authentic call to ordained ministry.
However, he says, the Honma paper "will do the valuable service of shaking us from the rut of interpreting such behaviors uncritically as feigning death.
This is supposed to make us all so relieved that we are not going to war that we uncritically embrace the new "diplomatic option" as a godsend.