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Our previous studies reveal that the aza crown ether substituted hydroxamic Cobalt complexes as monoxygenase model showed much more enhanced O2-binding and catalytic oxidation activity than the uncrowned analogues [5, 6].
Critique: An absolute "must" for all dedicated music enthusiasts, "Buried Treasure: Overlooked, Forgotten and Uncrowned Classic Albums" is a unique and profusely illustrated compendium that is an informative as it is absorbing.
Cuello is an uncrowned world champion, sports analysts said.
The first solution is to obey to the uncrowned ruler and the second one is to radically change from a political aspect and inside their parties too, Azam Dauti comments for Tuesday's leading article.
Both these women are included in this survey of both queens regnant and consort who became de facto regnant: the uncrowned Matilda, heir of Henry I, who struggled against her cousin Stephen to rule; Eleanor, consort of Henry II, who finally banished her and then imprisoned her for her support of his sons' revolt; Isabella, a nasty piece of work who turned against her husband, Edward II, and eventually allied with her lover, Roger Mortimer, to oust the King and, in the author's view, to have him killed; and Margaret, who ruled when the King's mental illness made him unfit.
The likeable trainer, uncrowned king of the Irish National Hunt, has a special affinity with Perth, having sent out his first career winner there in 2006.
You know what a Harvard Scientist, Oscar winner, uncrowned Jewish saint and future mother and leader of the Anti-Defamation League like Natalie Portman needs?
By BILL MILLS ROBIN VAN PERSIE is the new, uncrowned king of the Arsenal team.
The Rise of the West and Canada's New Power Elite'; Kenneth Whyte's 'The Uncrowned King: The Sensational Rise of William Randolph Hearst'; and Ted Rogers' 'Relentless: The True Story of the Man behind Rogers Communications'.
Kenneth Whyte reworks the record in The Uncrowned King, which focuses on Hearst's early career between 1895--when he purchased the small New York Journal--and 1898, when he had transformed the newspaper world into an agent of reform and wide readership and owned a media conglomerate that included rival Joseph Pulitzer's New York World.
William Randolph Hearst had a few "odd habits," Kenneth Whyte writes in a new biography of the newspaper publisher, The Uncrowned King (Counterpoint).
Murtagh's involvement with the uncrowned Polytrack king Ger Lyons should help counter his absence on other dates and it is quite possible, judged by the ongoing abandonment of turf meetings owing to the weather, that Dundalk might end up with more than five fixtures when the turf season is over.