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But I really think that you had better not meddle with little American girls that are uncultivated, as you call them.
From this river to the Oby we crossed a wild uncultivated country, barren of people and good management, otherwise it is in itself a pleasant, fruitful, and agreeable country.
He urged to plant trees on barren and uncultivated land to make the campaign a success.
Benefits include - Preparatory site work,- Small pruning and felling,- Temporary signage site,- Soil preparation,- The provision and implementation of plants including all accessories,- The provision and implementation of mulches,- The provision and implementation of seedlings for grassing,- The provision and implementation of sowing for flowering fallows- The maintenance of plants and lawns during the warranty period,- The maintenance of uncultivated areas,- The thermal weeding- The work of pruning trees and shrubs,- The rehabilitation of post-completion scene.
He affirmed that they called for reconsideration of the native administration and to set rules and regulations for tracks so as to avoid confrontations between farmers and herdsmen and to benefit of water harvest by digging more water reservoirs and ponds and exploiting of uncultivated lands to grow fodder for livestock.
The second was economic: Veterans would farm uncultivated areas, produce wealth that went back into the community, and take care of themselves.
I am allowing my old plot to revert to the uncultivated land it was when I took my flat over.
The ambassador highlighted that 79 million hectares of uncultivated land in Nigeria offers unprecedented potential for investment and research.
As I sank into a ridiculously plush leather couch my eye was drawn to a nearby window and the muddy, uncultivated field beyond.
The bulk and segmented soil core samples were collected from 68 sampling positions, with 72 samples (including four uncultivated soil samples).
Land reviously occupied by the two key export crops in the region, bananas and sugar, has been abandoned or left uncultivated after the loss of markets and downturn in the production of these crops.
We knew that Brooklyn's real estate landscape was uncultivated, and presented a lot of potential.