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According to Anil, Yobbo = yob is defined in Macquarie Australian Dictionary as a hooligan or lout, or a slovenly, uncultured young man.
Some family restaurants are being run like "jungle bars" with no proper lighting, while uncultured and uneducated "waitresses" sit with customers and drink.
The tools of metagenomics and single-cell genomics, with which we determine the genetic blueprints of microbes without the need to grow them in the laboratory, provide us a window into the unexplored, uncultured microbial world," Rubin said.
strain B501 with 95 to 99% maximum identity, 95 to 98% maximum identity with uncultured bacterium clone BN-A6, 94 to 99% maximum identity with uncultured bacterium clone IPA64, and 93 to 98% maximum identity with uncultured bacterium clone IPA100 (Table 2).
Illiteracy has made us unemployed, uncultured and militant.
The reason for the sudden splurge of often-personalized attacks isn't clear, but some think the point is to undermine support for the negotiations with the United States by portraying American diplomats as nasty, untrustworthy and uncultured people who hate Iran and Iranians.
And just as most of their cricketers appear to have taken up residence in the 21st century, Warner is a glorious throwback to the uncultured boorishness of traditional Australian manhood.
For example, under the broad theme of "contact" are two to five selections each for three subthemes: the uncultured shore; poetic projections; and missionaries, whalers and Pakeha Maori.
No wonder the rest of the world think we are uncultured louts.
The VisitBritain research also delivered some surprising results, shaking off the stereotype of Australians being uncultured lovers of the sun, the beach and lazing around; nearly half of holiday visits from Australia to Britain will include a trip to a museum, and one-in-three a trip to an art gallery.
THE dictionary defines "pleb" as a working class person, especially an uncultured one.