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UTO73Ps 11,0 Pseudomonas stutzeri DSM 10701 UTO02UB 10,6 Uncultured denitrifying bacterium: Laizhou Bay sediment UTO06UB 7,0 Uncultured bacterium clone: DGGE band UZ4D nosZ UTO45Ps 5,3 Pseudomonas balearica DSM 6083 UTO72Ps 4,1 Pseudomonas sp.
Nabil 1712 99% 0 100% KR269850.1 16Sribosomal RNA gene, partial sequence Pseudomonas 6667 99% 0 96% LK391695.1 pseudoalcaligenes genome assembly Ppseudo_Pac, chromosome : I Uncultured bacterium 1672 99% 0 96% KF064855.1 clone nbw117a03c1 16S ribosomal RNA gene, partial sequence Uncultured 1672 99% 0 96% KF786991.1 Pseudomonadaceae bacterium clone S2-8-094 16S ribosomal RNA gene, partial sequence Uncultured Pseudomonas 1672 99% 0 96% JX531395.1 sp.
100 AB602933.1 b Uncultured bacterium 100 HQ321987.1 c Uncultured bacterium 100 GQ001435.1 d Uncultured Bacilli 100 EF698450.1 e Lactobacillus 100 CP002464.1 johnsonii f Helicobacter pullorum 100 GU902714.1 g Uncultured 100 HM442510.1 Bacteroidetes h Clostridium 100 AB627080.1 paraputrificum i Uncultured bacterium 100 EU505174.1 Uncultured bacterium 100 EU656086.1 k Enterococcus sp.
Another uncultured Archaea were also detected in initial seed starters as shown in Table 6.
He and Epstein spent years seeking to address this problem by tapping into a new source of antibiotics beyond those created by synthetic means: uncultured bacteria, which make up 99 percent of all species in external environments.
On the basis of the information they receive from their media, they think that Muslims and Arabs are uncultured and illiterate people with no sense of time.
Throughout Europe and America native Africans were stereotyped as brutish, dimwitted, naAve, emotional, undisciplined, and uncultured. While the people being exhibited were picked because they were abnormal in some spectacular way, they were presented as the norm, which played into Western racial thought that posited white superiority.
The antibiotic, called teixobactin, was discovered after researchers from Northeastern University in the US state of Massachusetts worked to develop a new method for growing uncultured bacteria.
Austin, TX, January 10, 2015 --(PR.com)-- The NEXTflex[TM] 18S ITS Amplicon-Seq Kit simplifies the preparation of multiplexed amplicon libraries spanning the ITS1 and ITS2 hypervariable regions of eukaryotic 18S ribosomal RNA (rRNA) genes to permit the fast and cost-effective characterization of uncultured fungal and micro-eukaryotic organisms.
When compared to the negative control NC, the antibiotics promoted the growth of bacteria related to uncultured bacteria (15), Lactobacillus amylovorus (23), uncultured Lachnospiraceae bacterium (24) and Lactobacillus kitasatoni (30), and inhibited the bacteria related to Eubacterium eligens (3), uncultured bacterium (7) and Ruminococcus sp.