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Most of the species identified from the DGGE profiles are uncultured bacteria, and largely belong to Firmicutes.
They would have long written that the opposition is uncultured, uneducated people,
For example, under the broad theme of "contact" are two to five selections each for three subthemes: the uncultured shore; poetic projections; and missionaries, whalers and Pakeha Maori.
No wonder the rest of the world think we are uncultured louts.
The VisitBritain research also delivered some surprising results, shaking off the stereotype of Australians being uncultured lovers of the sun, the beach and lazing around; nearly half of holiday visits from Australia to Britain will include a trip to a museum, and one-in-three a trip to an art gallery.
THE dictionary defines "pleb" as a working class person, especially an uncultured one.
I am a gazetted officer, why should I accept to live with an uneducated and uncultured man to whom I was married when I didn't know the meaning of marriage.
Closest Relative 355R for 27F-GC/355R n = 13 Product C2 Uncultured bacterium 99 0 clone EPR3968-08a- Bc46 (EU491713) C4 Uncultured bacterium 96 12 clone D8A8_187, (FJ959833) C6 Tenacibaculum soleae 97 0 (T) LL04 12.
Effect of inclusion of grape seed extract on biodiversity degree and frequency of detection (%) of identified, uncultured and unidentified bacteria at caecum in 18 d old chickens.