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Throughout the Iliad, Homer simultaneously shows us a woman who is suffering terribly on account of her actions and demonstrates the consequences of uncurbed erotic passion.
Kargozaran, a newspaper linked to one of Ahmadinejad's rivals, Akbar Hashemi Rafsanjani, seized on the the supreme leader's criticisms of the Cabinet's economic performance and his warnings that double-digit inflation, if left uncurbed, could undermine the entire government of the Islamic Republic.
Critics, including the recently dismissed Iranian finance minister, Davoud Danesh-Jaafari, express concern about the inflationary risks of uncurbed growth in the money supply.
The regulating potency of music is, however, like all things powerful, a double-edged sword that, without proper discipline, may lead to uncurbed excess and to chaos.
Uncurbed or unrecognized, such flaws would destroy the real work of Apollo, selfless healing.
HISTORY -- The Everglades reveals a story of hubris and uncurbed development.
Uncurbed sidewalks likely affect people with mobility impairments, whereas it is lack of tactile bumps in the same pavements that impact people with visual impairments.
She lives, with her husband, Tom Wright, who also teaches at UNLV, in a Seventies ranch-style in an uncurbed cul de sac near the university.
In the wardrobe there exists a center of order that protects the entire house against uncurbed disorder.
And our uncurbed appetite for other products--including holiday gifts--contributes to industrial pollution, depletion of natural resources and sweatshops.
Manage the uncurbed usage of off-road vehicles (ORVs) on federal land.
111) The second way--application of strict contractual rules--would have invested in the control group uncurbed powers and seen security holders as having "agreed in advance to any losses which they may suffer by reason of such use.