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At the chalet, Smilash, indifferent to the price of coals, kept up a roaring fire that glowed through the uncurtained windows, and tantalized the chilled wayfarer who did not happen to know, as the herdsmen of the neighborhood did, that he was welcome to enter and warm himself without risk of rebuff from the tenant.
I knew it was an uncurtained aperture in my friend's "machine-shop," and I had little doubt that he had resumed the studies interrupted by his duties as my instructor in mechanical consciousness and the fatherhood of Rhythm.
Even where a blazing fire shone through the uncurtained windows of some distant house, it had the air of being newly lighted, and of lacking warmth; and instead of awakening thoughts of a snug chamber, bright with faces that first saw the light round that same hearth, and ruddy with warm hangings, it came upon one suggestive of the smell of new mortar and damp walls.
But it seems she's now forgiven her wayward boyfriend, as they werespotted at their uncurtained window in a passionate clinchby passersby last night.
As shown in Figure 13, when the uncurtains are [[E.sub.p], [E.sub.v], [E.sub.u]] = [0.005 m, 10-4 m/s, 0.01] and [[E.sub.p], [E.sub.v], [E.sub.u] = [0.02 m, 10-3 m/s, 0.02], the average tracking errors are approximately 1.5 mm and 7 mm, respectively.
But as I have also noted, for the considerable majority of bed scenes an uncurtained bed put out on the stage would have sufficed.
The images, from the artist's "Windows" series, capture Lebanese and Syrian laborers, some framed against windows in the early morning light, others captured unawares, photographed from outside the building while asleep behind uncurtained windows.
In Blithedale, as Priscilla peers through the "uncurtained" windows of the farmhouse into the darkness, "the sense of vast, undefined space, pressing from the outside against the black panes was fearful to her.
Or simply a bird crashing into glass, the subject centering Amy Nawrocki's winning entry, "The Uncurtained Window"
Through the uncurtained window, we can see Brian's mom standing over a chest of drawers, her back to us, sifting through a jewelry box.
Going upstairs in the light pouring in from some uncurtained window, she would cease for a moment to breathe.
Empty wet sidewalks were activated by streetlights or washed by ambient light and color projected from uncurtained windows.