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Nawrocki's "The Uncurtained Window" describes a universe "that will hold believers and unbelievers both." The stillness of the stunned bird, the speaker recounts, causes an unidentified woman to imagine that "part of her / has already buried his hollow bones." Though the bird ultimately rises from the collision, nothing has resolved; though "a wing unfolds itself from broken" and flight "begins anew," flight now seems "so unbearably faithless." The world, "a Rorschach for the faithful," remains uncertain.
Uncurtained poem: everyone wearing cheap headphones.
From an uncurtained second-story room, a radio Was playing There's
The uncurtained window is smoldering muted reds and yellows, light is leaking through the branches, nudging me awake, and now that my eyes have started to open, I want nothing more than to keep screaming the screams I was dreaming.
The house reflects the white characters' inability to examine their own situations and to see instead their reflections when looking outward: "[Thea] found she was staring into the reflection in the dining room's wall of uncurtained French doors.
All of this under the covers--so no one can see, though no one is there--is the only way of forgetting, and the uncurtained window clouds opaque with fantasy.
The first thing I noted was the long shiny uncurtained windows that seemed a characteristic of Dutch architecture.
standing on the sidewalk and looking through an uncurtained window.
The lights darkened on the uncurtained stage, with its large, abstract, oblong lambda, and multi-level terracing.
Although we do have four Huddersfield bands competing in the 12-band Championship class in the Yorkshire Championships in Bradford's St George's Hall over the weekend of March 1 and 2, it's pretty certain no spies will be dispatched to listen outside an opponent's headquarters or to peep through an uncurtained bandroom window.
Or even when uncurtained so the glare of a TV is visible.
And once he falls off the wagon, killing a pair of dancers in their uncurtained bedroom, Mr.