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Nitrogen fertilizer, however, reduced legume emergence in 13-cm and uncut swards.
They'll also be copies of Tuffers On Tour - Live and Uncut for the 10 runners-up.
Erotic products retailer Anne Summers has launched its new Uncut web site.
At a more cerebral level are the number games (Greyson used the alphabet for the same purpose in Uncut), specifically countdowns.
The objective of our study was to compare age- and sex-class structure, reproductive condition, body weight and length of time in residence on study plots between populations of eastern chipmunk inhabiting an uncut (reference) forest sector and a managed (fragmented) forest sector in central Pennsylvania.
So we have a folder of straightforward plans on tracing paper; two sets of handwritten notes and sketches by the project engineer Cecil Balmond, explaining the structural principles and the fractal geometry of the tiled cladding; some of Libeskind's own rough sketches, mostly elevations, printed on brown paper; something that looks as if it was supposed to end up as an A5 brochure hut remains uncut as a single A1 sheet; four conceptual collages, printed on the back of rose-patterned wrapping paper; a flipbook animation to illustrate the spiral principle of the composition; and a simplified cut-out and slot-together card model.
A large projection of uncut rock at level five of the nine-story structure alludes to Nature as transformed by human effort.
The autographed sets of the premier edition are printed on uncut sheets (posters).
The assumption of fixed supply is less appropriate in short-term analysis, e.g., over quarterly or annual periods, where purchasers of national forest timber draw harvests from the inventory of sold but uncut sales.
The lawn mower will detect and drive toward uncut grass and mow until the area is complete.
And by recording data for a series of adjacent points as the probe is moved through the sample, a researcher can assemble an image of a cross-sectional slice through the uncut, bulk material.
The text that we bump up against, and that jostles and jiggles the actors with their deadpan painted faces, wide eyes and splayed fingers, held, marionettelike, at or above shoulder level, is pure, uncut William Burroughs.