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After 60 years, and the so-called miracle on the Han River, it is undebatable the free South had proved to the world which system rewards human talent more effectively.
That may sound extreme, but humans are already extreme, and people need to realize the simple, undebatable truth that nothing--absolutely nothing--right now is more important than coming together, accepting one another, and working to protect and save our planet.
Though the advantages of the technique seem undebatable, one of the limitations when using any US-guided technique is the need to complete a learning curve.
Despite the undebatable convenience of international travel, terror attacks and recent geo-political developments - such as Brexit and the US travel ban on mainly Muslim countries- are threatening to curb the travel freedom enjoyed by many around the globe.
The importance of empowered employees in increasing business efficiency is undebatable. (Gurbuz et al., 2013: 791)
With an undebatable fact of American pop culture's global dominance, no matter how innovative or creative K-pop can be, it is still referenced to American pop as an archetype of global pop styles and genres (P.
Third, make the "motion to proceed" undebatable, or at least subject to a majority vote.
"It is of key importance to educate parents about the undebatable benefits of proper children restraint systems."
* White Privilege--An undebatable, inheritable, Eurocentric advantage that has oppressed and disadvantaged those without this advantage as lesser in every way, particularly associated with race discrimination.
Nowadays, the preferred surgical treatment for definitive resolution of CTS is undebatable, but the current challenge is to evaluate which is the most efficacious and less invasive strategy to resolve the entrapment [6, 7].
On the other hand, it is undebatable that autonomous driving has become a high priority issue on the research and commercial agendas of major car makers over recent years, with these makers intending to produce fully autonomous vehicles by 2020.
While much about the climate conversation has been muddled by conjecture and half-truths, there are three undebatable extremes being observed in the U.S.