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The sweeping breadth of such definition is undebatable.
of our content, and the plat- forms we communicate on is undebatable.
The UFC failed to address this as a problematic position because the fixity of sex is rhetorically undebatable.
T]he matrix is not designed automatically to generate undebatable answers to what are undeniably complicated questions .
While initially Ms Mmereki was unsure about whether to return to Botswana, throughout the course of her studies "it became undebatable that I would return," she explained.
1931, 1950-51 (2007) ("What is undebatable, however, is that the privilege is currently being invoked as grounds for dismissal of entire categories of cases challenging the constitutionality of government action.
What's undebatable is that people, depending on their focus and native skill, have different levels of ability.
In the next room, the Biblical Authority Room, the museum forecloses disagreement by presenting God's authority as absolute and, thus, entirely undebatable.
This is as unhelpful as it is undebatable, since it is how one explains the symbolic notation of quantification to begin with.
It is undebatable that she is the direct cause of his death, since she opens the door of the corral and the black horse runs away.
There was still time for Vidic to be dismissed for a second - undebatable - yellow card.
20) His statement, which might seem undebatable, may in fact be a bit broader than Chief Justice Roberts really means, and may imply more than he actually said.