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Yet this final stanza is perfectly and lovingly undeceived.
The inscrutable Melmoth predicts their next exchange, promising a revelation ("you will be undeceived when next we meet"), and then making another vow: "I never desert my friends in misfortune.
As Mill puts it, one is entitled to engage in action that may harm others if the others involved give "their free, voluntary, and undeceived consent and participation.
Having idealized the United States as a model for European development in matters political and religious, they were quite often "mightily, undeceived in America, and begin at once .
Undeceived at last, the hordes break down the bronze door and prepare to emerge from their long captivity.
In the present era of debased cultural norms, it is of the utmost pastoral concern that the generality of Catholic become undeceived about the way their actions in time affect their prospects in eternity.
Ernst Bloch's outline of his theory concerning the utopian impulse in The Principle of Hope is dependent upon the notion of a Marxist synthesis of warm and cold streams, explained by Bloch's translators as "one representing its undeceived critical rigour, the other its idealistic and imaginative receptivity" (xxvi).
In addition to our shared conviction of the centrality of the Holocaust, both of us found inspiration and instruction in Lurianic kabbalism; both of us had a profound, albeit critical, appreciation of the importance of the thought of Hegel; both of us were wholeheartedly committed to the survival and centrality of the State of Israel; both of us were undeceived concerning the illusions that trapped many Jews into believing that peace would come to Israel on the basis of imprudent compromises that only whetted the appetite of her adversaries for further concessions.
4), (38) Shakespeare is at pains to emphasize that not only are the commons permanently undeceived as to Cade's real identity, but that his listeners are thrown into merriment by the manifest absurdity of his perswasions.
2) This is a presumption that a self-deceiver does not have all the relevant evidence by which to judge the advisability of the belief he holds and that the only way for him to be undeceived would be to vacate his irrational self.
Victimised or flattered, but undeceived, the midwife will always carry The torch of the noblest profession, and she will fly To the protection of health and happiness for babies The precious margin of humanity.