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It also revealed that 67 percent agree, 23 percent are undecided, and 10 percent disagree.
Only 27 percent agree (8 percent strongly agree, 19 somewhat agree) that China has good intentions for Filipinos and 30 percent are undecided about the matter.
Bruce MacFarlane, convener for the SNP PaisleyTannahill branch, said:"This is a great opportunity to bring any friends or family along who are still undecided.This meeting is open to anyone and you do not have to be a party member."
The survey showed that 81% of Filipinos have much trust, 11% undecided and 8% with little trust in Washington.
Many Filipinos, or at least 55 percent, also agree (20 percent strongly agree and 35 percent somewhat agree) that what the American government wants to happen in the Philippines was good for the Filipinos, while only 17 percent disagree (7 percent strongly disagree and 10 percent somewhat disagree) and 28 percent were undecided.
Some students may have majors listed as "undecided" because students typically do not declare a major until late in the second year.
According to the FDU poll, 18 percent of voters remain undecided, including 22 percent of Democrats and 4 percent of Republicans polled.
An authoritative source in the party disclosed that the governorship primary is undecided for now in Kwara state.
The survey says 14 per cent of the respondents remain undecided in Punjab.
The most critical group whose perception of PML-N's honesty (or dishonesty) will matter the most is the undecided voter in Punjab.
Summary: Islamabad [Pakistan], July 21 (ANI): Days ahead of the Pakistan General Elections, top surveys in the country have concluded that undecided voters will be key in deciding the tight race between Pakistan Tehreek-i-Insaf (PTI) and Pakistan Muslim League-Nawaz (PML-N).
SIALKOT -- The top leadership of PTI is still undecided on its candidate in Daska city's NA-75 constituency while the inordinate delay is irking the aspirants.