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to defend Taiwan if it were attacked by China, with 35 % favoring a military dispatch, 52% against the plan and 13% undecided.
However, this item provoked the greatest percentage (34 percent) of undecided ratings.
Only 39 percent said it was only right for drug users to get killed while 18 percent were undecided.
YouGov asked respondents who were undecided or voting third-party, "If you had to choose between Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump, who would you choose?
6% of FSB Wales members sur-veyed said they were undecided on how to vote.
The undecided voters obviously made up their minds on or around polling day and AW is demeaning them, and himself, by calling them liars.
I think that anybody undecided or considering voting for Ukip need to reflect on these quotes and on the fact that it appears clear that a vote for Ukip is a vote towards ending our NHS.
THE No campaign's lead in the Scottish referendum has narrowed - but more than a quarter of voters are undecided, according to the latest poll.
A Democratic official, however, said the other big worry for the Obama campaign is that when you dig into the small slice of undecided voters.
But the three polls indicate that undecided voters could still sway the outcome of the referendum.
Rick Perry has released a polished online ad - "Win Iowa" - aimed at convincing the state's undecided Republicans.