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A mutilated body lies in the middle of a Neolithic circle of five stones, an etched pebble in the victim's mouth, a signature of evil that leaves an undecipherable clue.
DON'T waste your time and more importantly your money calling the airlines' so-called 'Help' lines: you may be paying an extortionate amount just to sit listening to pre-recorded options and, eventually, an undecipherable voice from a call-centre in a far-off country.
Her passion for translation arose from thinking that one of the main reasons for cultural clashes is the belief that the other is different, with unfamiliar and undecipherable behaviours, thus ominously unreachable.
The challenges, however, are formidable: customs and other trade regulations, foreign currency fluctuations, vague and undecipherable laws and statutes, shifting labor markets and demographics, corruption, access to capital, complex tax regimes, you name it.
The STB is currently using the multistage DCF model to determine the railroad's cost of capital; the name alone conjures the impression there are behind-the-scenes mathematicians cranking out undecipherable numbers in support of higher rates.
The 500-year-old manuscript is written in an undecipherable language, and its contents and origin have puzzled scholars since its 19-12 discovery by Polish book collector Wilfrid M.
As the days pass, she observes the uniformly polite and distant waitstaff, wanders the hotel's labyrinthine halls, and eventually explores its library, full of books in an undecipherable language.
It is worth quoting in its entirety because it's not the only time Rowling resorts to such flowery, occasionally undecipherable, language.
For plan sponsors to "accept" so many undecipherable statements as "proper" fee "disclosure" boggles the mind.
The way you repeatedly berated the staff in your high-pitched, screamy, undecipherable voice, then went even more crazy because they couldn't understand your gibberish was an embarrassment to behold.
Unfortunately, shad have 252 bones and three sets of ribs, which are arranged - for me, at least - in an undecipherable pattern.