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Khalid Khan said after the expiry of the tax amnesty scheme, the FBR has sprung into action against owners of Benami properties.Both the departments agreed to share information regarding undeclared properties.
Yesterday, acting upon the directives of Prime Minister Imran Khan over asset declaration, the FBR formally started seizing undeclared properties in the country.
Another notice for holding undeclared 'benami' property was dispatched to the address 19-1/C in PECHS Block 6.
'Customs Department enforcement personnel opened the boxes and found the undeclared currencies in Malaysian ringgit, Singapore dollars and United States dollars,' he said.
The provision says that 'The Commissioner shall subject to the condition as may be prescribed raid any premises where there is reliable information of undeclared gold, bearer security, or foreign currency and confiscate the same in order to enforce any provision of this Ordinance.'
'We have advised thousands of people through writing letters to declare their undeclared assets under the scheme expiring on June 30,' he said.
FBR Chairman Shabbar Zaidi confirmed that by amending the law, the body is being given the powers to carry out raids to confiscate illegal currency, undeclared gold and bearers securities.
The intercepted shipment containing undeclared packs of vibrators, body stockings, and body lubricants were found during a physical examination on the baggage of the passenger identified as Coleman Timothy Phillip.
However, he said that amnesty scheme launched by Indonesia in 2016 had brought around 745,000 persons into the tax net and recovered over $330 billion from undeclared assets.
What the region needs is a whole government, holistic approach that utilizes additional measures such as improving the benefits and incentives for becoming formal and reducing the asymmetry between authorities and civil morality', said Nand Shani, adding that there is a range of tools transforming undeclared work into declared work.
Describing the incident as yet another glaring example of "undeclared Emergency" in the state, BJP national Secretary Rahul Sinha demanded immediate suspension of the District Magistrate.
They were reacting to a recent report submitted by the State Bank of Pakistan to the Election Commission about 18 undeclared bank accounts of the PTI, and undeclared overseas assets owned by Aleema Khan .