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This figure group is unusual for its type in being made of a cream-coloured earthenware which has been given a bluish pearlware glaze and left undecorated.
The patterns used are varied, but the most common tongue style is beaded with two appendages each terminating with undecorated leather fringe, two tin cones filled with fluffy feathers, or horse hair.
oor where there are three more bedrooms, one with exposed timbers, two with wash hand basins, another bathroom and the undecorated library/seventh bedroom.
I only moved the mouth of the undecorated puppet, and the children imagined the rest.
Although the map of the county is complete, a section of the right-hand side contains empty and undecorated plinths.
Although the map of the county is complete, a section of the right hand side contains empty and undecorated plinths.
The little Sierra town lined its main street with fresh-cut undecorated pine trees.
The chariot, one of five discovered by British archaeologist Howard Carter in 1922, is undecorated and its wheels are worn out, suggesting it had been used frequently by King Tut.
Ho and Meade imaged a variety of nanodiamond samples, including nanodiamonds decorated with various concentrations of Gd(III), undecorated nanodiamonds and water.
For the climbing kitty, a holiday tree offers the excitement of the outdoors inside the home, and even an undecorated tree is not without risk.
aurantia, on the other hand supported Function 3, that decorated webs attracted more prey although they were compared with undecorated webs of A.
Invert the undecorated macaron discs and pipe gingersnap filling in center.