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Flaming your pudding: warm a little brandy, pour over the undecorated steamed pudding and light.
Since these figures were made to be displayed on shelves and mantelpieces against a wall, the backs tended to be flat and undecorated - hence the term 'flatback'.
WHILE Richard Hughes was sauntering to his first title, another undecorated individual was having to break into a gallop to ensure he finally gained the statistical recognition his outstanding career warranted.
Overall it has undecorated flat surfaces with a plate of glass on the front all the way out to a very thin rim and a blank back.
Undecorated, but equally heroic, were Major Carrol D.
The right side of the column is flat and undecorated, an indication that it originally stood against a wall.
Most moccasin tongues among various Dakota / Lakota tribes, Assiniboin, and Atsina were undecorated. This article features those which were decorated using several techniques by the various Dakota/ Lakota groups.
The price includes a 12-inch cardboard base, an undecorated house, icing for gluing pieces and a bag of candy for decorating.
Of these, 33 appear to belong to one group, all low fired and light in weight, with crisp but undecorated edges, and with no sign of water-rolling.
There is another stained glass window on the landing of the stairs to the second ?oor where there are three more bedrooms, one with exposed timbers, two with wash hand basins, another bathroom and the undecorated library/seventh bedroom.
I only moved the mouth of the undecorated puppet, and the children imagined the rest.
Although the map of the county is complete, a section of the right hand side contains empty and undecorated plinths.