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Kadeena Cox MBE is an MS Society Ambassador and supports the We Are Undefeatable campaign to inspire and empower people with long-term health conditions to become or stay active.
Spectacular games and moments build suspense, including a scene in which the Tigers play against the Cambridge High Indians, who seem undefeatable but who, thanks to a last-minute effort by Hart, ceded victory to the Tigers.
The UK's leading health and social care charities and Sport England, supported by Public Health England, have developed a new campaign, 'We Are Undefeatable' to inspire and support people with health conditions to get active.
The throbbing beats of the track are profoundly compelling to connect instantly with the undefeatable spirit of every poker player.
People found themselves drawing a comparison between the 1992 World Cup and the current World Cup, as the green team was ready to take on the undefeatable New Zealand.
The point to be kept in mind is that most of the times our troubles are the test of our nerves; people with strong nerves are always undefeatable.
We have an undefeatable combination which we offer to customers.
Yet, somehow, people are heard saying that the army has smashed the myth that the tribes are undefeatable. Instead of honouring them for taking yet another very courageous step for the country, they are seen as a vanquished adversary.
Addressing a public meeting in Koza Bandai in Swat District on Sunday, the Minister said that the people all over the country voted in favor of PTI due to its better governance in the KP from 2013-18 and massive joining of the PTI by the people has made the Party an undefeatable political entity.
Researching the causes of failures confirms that errors committed in past will not be repeated and this leads to concrete victory and undefeatable valor.
Elsewhere, he downplayed impacts of the US sanctions against Iran, and said the Iranian nation is undefeatable.
This problem is compounded and often becomes undefeatable as a result of crushing fines and penalties being imposed on top of the taxes themselves.