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What's more, the 60-40-20-based gear possesses smooth and undefiled surface, indicating that the filament based on 60-40-20 blend is suitable and practical for FDM-3DP.
God grant thee pure and undefiled "To reach at last the light of light.
Wisdom enough to leech us of our ill Is daily spun; but there exists no loom To weave it into fabric; undefiled Proceeds pure Science, and has her say; but still Upon this world from the collective womb Is spewed all day the red triumphant child.
may be interesting, persuasive, cogent, but each new case must be referred for decision to the undefiled code text'.
More seriously, as a writer with a pronounced interest in modernist experimentation, one of Gibbon's last essays, for the Edinburgh-based journal Cinema Quarterly, hailed the artistic potential of the cinema, as yet considered unfulfilled, in its capacity to provide 'the free and undefiled illusion', (6) possessing an additional dimension in the cultivation of the suspension of disbelief.
Thus, insofar as we accept the aforementioned idea that the concepts that are constitutive of competing economic methodologies do not fall down from heaven undefiled by historical and cultural context, it is fair to say that the problem of theory choice is a hermeneutical problem.
Leaving aside disagreements over how loose or tight Thai peasant society may have been in the 1950s, whether Marx's AMP fits the Thai case or not, or if the undefiled Chatthipian village was indeed the default state of nature prior to state and market, it is arguable that 'peasants'--so defined above--did exist in Thailand's past.
In such a context, its defeat might have provided, as did King's defeat, inspiration for future struggles around an undefiled vision.
from the top of which with the whole vast scope of their own rich teeming never-ravaged land of glittering undefiled cities and unburned towns and unwasted farms so long-secured and opulent you would think there was no room left for curiosity, there looked down upon him and his countless row on row of faces which resembled his face and spoke the same language he spoke and at times even answered to the same names he bore.
But the erection of a condominium that towers behind the Rizal Monument, like a gargantuan phallus piercing the undefiled skyline of Luneta Park, has changed this situation.
Under the impassive stars, on the earth infinitely deserted and mysterious, from his tent free man extended his arms toward the infinite sky undefiled by the shadow of Any God (LB 153; 155).
In most cases, the girls were found undefiled and this was followed by jubilation and feasting.