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Kay Kay Menon moves around with an undefinable expression.
She was fascinated by groups, and by how groups react and respond to defiant and undefinable individuals.
As he perched momentarily atop the barbed wire, white hair waving in the breeze, something undefinable moved through us all and carried us toward the fence and over it.
All of that basically leaves consumers back at square one--with a policy that may or may not be followed by manufacturers and a term that is still undefinable.
Invest now, not later: Executives are more comfortable investing in activities that link directly to increasing revenue rather than an undefinable threat like a corruption scandal.
So, Ella Frances Sanders has scoured the globe to find undefinable words of foreign languages and compile them into one glorious book.
Although there is almost no physical contact between the two, we jokingly referred to it among ourselves as the movie's 'sex scene' because this is where their powerful and undefinable connection reaches its peak.
When the time comes for the mommy to be released from her illness, the Luvya Tree witnesses a miracle: God's hand emerges from the undefinable and takes the mommy's hand, carrying her whole spirit away to heaven.
Over the past year, we have seen an industry obsessed with Millennials--a seemingly mysterious, petulant, undefinable and disloyal demographic.
As I told to a then-friend, I was plagued by the feeling that I was incapable of remaining silent over what was happening, and so expected some undefinable harm would befall me ifI were to participate in demonstrations.
Given the information void that currently emanates from Ferguson, he simply cannot blatantly wave an undefinable African-American agenda.
I was wrestling then, as I wrestle now, with how exactly we can define joy--perhaps part of the problem is that joy by its nature is undefinable.