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This "I" is a temporary manifesting of an infinite, nondual, and undefinable I'ing I call God (Ehyeh in the Bible, Exodus 3:14).
The name of the group describes the "undefinable and ambiguous" characteristics of the dancers in terms of their style, aesthetic, genre, and preconceptions.
The plaintiffs claimed that the terms good moral character, good cause, and proper cause are undefinable and violate the Second and Fourteenth Amendments.
But, ultimately, it didn't matter, because he had that undefinable quality, the X factor, that je ne sais quoi.
But ultimately, it didn't matter - because he had that undefinable quality, the X Factor, long before the phrase was coined.
Like a noticeable but undefinable botheration, I hung around her office whenever I could, eavesdropping on her projects.
Marion introduces four fundamental negative certainties: "the Undefinable, or the face of man" in chapter one, "the Impossible, or what is proper to God" in chapter two, "the Unconditioned, or the strength of the Gift" in chapter three, "the Unforeseeable, or the event" in chapter five.
The Omanis Under Water series conveys the relevance of human identity, as seen under water, wherein colour, race and features dissolve to bring forward a new undefinable image.
This has become known as the Coastline Paradox, since it suggests that the length of a coastline theoretically is infinite, or undefinable.
Kay Kay Menon moves around with a set, undefinable expression.
In a time when the political conversation is especially polarized and personality-obsessed, and when Americans of all ideological stripes are puzzled as to where the last year of Trump or Sanders-driven political lunacy leaves them, the comedian and talk-show hosta 39-year-old pro-choice, pro-pot, recently gay-married atheist with a strong allergy to organized religionmay come closer than political partisans of either party to reflecting the national mood of befuddlement: Is this moment horrifyingly real, or a sick joke, or an as-yet undefinable mixture of both?
An undefinable dread lingers and builds steadily over the course of the book, leaving you feeling that the worst hasn't even started yet, despite occasional glimpses of hope or closure.