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city has ever lost money outright by hosting the games, there is the possibility of putting taxpayers on the hook for an undefined tab if Chicago lands the games.
Multivariate logistic analyses adjusted for age and sex and other potential confounding factors listed in the previous section were used to estimate the odds ratio of an undefined code for injury intent.
The academic says he "didn't like the undefined nature of the job," is busy at his Grameen Bank, and was afraid of "aggravating" the political situation.
However, throughout his work Kazal treats German-American ethnicity as a lost good, even though its definition and potential largely go undefined. In his Introduction, he acknowledges that profound religious, political, class, and place differences divided sundry German immigrants from their arrival in this nation.
A third legacy was the legal protection and promotion of homosexual rights and benefits including the addition of the (undefined) concept of sexual orientation to Ontario's Human Rights legislation.
They must know how to measure an undefined space, control expenses vent a room, and recognize the inherent tendencies of [specialized] materials" like cherry wood, which gets substantially darker within two years.
Narrator Free is brilliant in this crazy romp through the various liberation movements of the '60s and '70s, offering dialect and intonation that are as undefined as the character.
The verb "knows" implies actual knowledge, while "should know" is undefined and could vary with the circumstances.
So, Brussels is proposing that maximum duty rates for sports footwear, including tennis, basketball and gym shoes, trainer and similar lines; undefined 'other footwear' which covers the ankle; and slippers and other non-sports indoor footwear, with textile uppers fall from 17% to 16.9%.
REGARDING the story in the Daily Post on Thursday, quoting Cllr Warren Bradley as saying that the city's Capital of Culture year will 'live up to city's dreams', it seems to me that all we have got from the Culture Company so far is vague promises and undefined goals.
A clear message echoing in the industry shows that access point misconfigurations, along with undefined or unenforced security policies on the wireless network, leave providers of wireless services, i.e.
Previously, the date for recognition of gain or loss associated with sale and leaseback transactions was previously undefined within the cost principles.