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1 165 m 2 flat roof waterproofing for undeflected inverted roof laid in hot bitumen, approx.
Here our coordinate system has the origin at the center of the undefleeted membrane with the negative z' direction toward the ground plate and the r' [theta]'-plane is in the plane of the undeflected membrane.
where [u.sub.0] = 2.3 [micro]m is the length of the gap between the undeflected beam and the substrate.
Listening to former British prime minister Tony Blair on Iraq last week, one heard the same undeflected certainty in defiance of the facts.
Prior to that time, the standard reference point for taking seat dimensions was the "seat reference point" (SRP) located on the lateral seat centerline at the bight of the undeflected seat contour.
That phenomenon, Heinz and his colleagues recognized, could give astronomers an opportunity to use the geometry of the rings and a time delay between deflected and undeflected X-rays to calculate the distance to Circinus X-1, a measurement previously unobtainable because the supernova is hidden in the dust that permeates the plane of our galaxy.
If the antihydrogen atoms had an electric charge, the field would deflect them, whereas neutral atoms would be undeflected. The result, based on 386 recorded events, gives a value of the antihydrogen electric charge as (-1.3 plus minus 1.1plus minus 0.4) x 10-8, the plus or minus numbers representing statistical and systematic uncertainties on the measurement.
In the same time they travel undeflected by intervening magnetic fields and interact very weakly.
It expresses "the notion that what is to be applied to a multiplicity of different persons is the same general rule, undeflected by prejudice, interest, or caprice." (53) It captures our intuition "that some basic principle of equality is violated when, without justification, government burdens A but not B, even though both are similarly situated." (54) Yet the abstract principle has proven difficult to implement at the level of a single individual, and there is little consensus on what a workable alternative analytic model should look like.
To compare jumps performed with different grip heights the pole chord length at maximum pole bend was also expressed as a percentage of the undeflected pole chord length.
Looking past the present-day violence of radical Muslims, we see that, in the long run, the great struggle within Islam is to return to its spiritual roots undeflected by empire, tribe, or rigid legal norms.