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However, despite undemanding valuations, we see no major boost for stock until more clarity on state programs' timing and effect are disclosed; we expect such programs to be launched early next year.
For them, God is far away and undemanding and not really relevant.
Drought tolerant and pest resistant, it's a colorful and undemanding addition to many southern landscapes.
Even though Montana is a state with an undemanding existing homeschooling law and where homeschoolers had outperformed public school students on national standardized tests, the responsible were to be penalized.
In modern times, such intuitive, ecologically undemanding ways of living and building in hot climates have been superseded by the rise and rise of technology, notably air conditioning.
Reproductive technologies, genetic engineering, and cloning may soon make it possible to have "designer children"--perfect, undemanding creatures who look and behave in ways that please and fulfill their parents.
What proved far more thrilling was the unannounced appearance of the 58-year-old Dowell himself, with his legendary partner Antoinette Sibley, now 62, dancing together onstage almost certainly for, the last time in the Undemanding but poetically poignant Soupirs, set to Elgar music, which Ashton created on them for a long-forgotten gala (see Attitudes, page 118).
Solid placed runs last year and set a relatively undemanding task on this reappearance.
But then again, in all fairness, the undemanding interpretations this work invites must be leveraged against extenuating circumstances that exert pressures from well beyond the art world.
The Sixth Circuit has held that when an administrator of a stock bonus/profit-sharing plan was granted broad discretion to interpret and construe the plan, its determination that a partial termination had not occurred should be reviewed under a relatively undemanding "arbitrary and capricious" standard (Sea Ray Employees' Stock Ownership and Profit-Sharing Plan v.
Hoffman shows that offering undemanding love to someone in need is a simple act of grace that ought to come naturally to Christians.
At its current price, the stock's valuation is undemanding as it trades at a significant discount to its peers.