undemanding task

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The Western corporate media - and state-owned outlets - had the somewhat undemanding task of "Making America Feel Good Again".
After working on your project for a short time, step away and do an undemanding task, such as doodling or loading the dishwasher.
They were then split into four groups - one group was asked to perform a demanding task and a second was asked to perform an undemanding task. The third group rested for 12 minutes and a fourth group was given no break.
" And so the variety of colours is limited." Creating a Nihonga painting is not an undemanding task. For any other painting, the artist can simply squeeze pigments out of a tube of paint and start work.
Alistair Taylor, 34, South African pro Mario Olivier, 30 not out, and Haydn Williams, 18, tried to tame the Bootle attack but Mark O'Connor, 4-44, called the tune to leave Bootle with the undemanding task of knocking off 122-3.
There was a touch of carelessness about some of Mauresmo's play, but that was probably due to an undemanding task. She paid the price, though, when the Italian, seeded 28, cashed in on some over-hitting to stay in contention at 2-3 down in the second set.
Hightown's spinner, Indian professional Chandos Nanda, picked up 5-44 and skipper Ian Sutcliffe 3-13 to leave what seemed an undemanding task for the Hightown hosts.
Solid placed runs last year and set a relatively undemanding task on this reappearance.
All's going well on his last day as he settles in to the undemanding task of checking in passengers for domestic departures.
But all were out-performed by all-rounder Gareth Friday, who collected 4-20 to leave the Prestatyn batsmen an undemanding task.
With the aid of Nick Knight's uncomplicated block-and-whack methods, Hick orchestrated England's undemanding task of scoring at four an over.
9 Concern yourself with small, undemanding tasks and reward yourself when you finish them.