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He said that Pakistan had been facing the problem in education, health and law and order due to rule of the undemocratic forces in the past.
As a backlash, the lack of respect the policy is clearly aimed to show will galvanize the leaderships in undemocratic regimes to cut off various ties with democratic states, limiting the flow of ideas and democratic principles that natural adhere to activities like international trade.
Indeed, one of the principal arguments of would-be abolitionists of the House of Lords is that, because it's unelected, it's undemocratic.
This is undemocratic, for councillors and voters both.
It is enough, the citizens and the international factor won't support the undemocratic ruling.
The time-consuming rigmarole of trudging in and out of the voting lobbies under the gaze of the eagleeyed whips is totally undemocratic and out-of-date in this modern electronic age.
Welcoming him to the BJP, Upadhyay lauded the fact that Binny was the first leader to raise his voice against " undemocratic processes in AAP".
Empowering an unelected committee to exclude NZNO members from standing for the board, based on criteria from the corporate world, is undemocratic and alien to NZNO members," he said.
TEHRAN (FNA)- A senior Bahraini opposition leader lambasted the undemocratic and discriminatory policies of the Al Khalifa regime.
One who stays away from the elections isolates himself and follows an undemocratic path to impose a democratic outcome.
Following the findings that 67% of people backed wind power, while just 8% opposed it, RenewableUK chief executive Maria McCaffery said it was undemocratic and damaging for the "vocal anti-wind minority" to derail plans for clean energy.
On form, they reject the undemocratic manner in which the treaty has been drafted, ie without consultation of the social partners.