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In these male intellectual misogynous myth-creations, women are presented differently: in sexist misogyny they are reduced to objects (maternity, reproduction and nature), in patriarchal misogyny, to the unspoken and undemonstrated, but unacceptable to patriarchal, "female" meanings, while in phallocentric misogyny, women are constructed through a male model, regardless of their mutual similarity, difference, or complementarity.
Parer and King (2000) suggested that an unwritten and undemonstrated aspect of FHR monitoring was the issue of reliable and reproducible interpretations of FHR patterns by health care professionals.
Modern evolutionary biologist Ernst Mayr (1994), however, has faulted Darwin for advocating what he calls an undemonstrated form of sympatric speciation.
Specifically, the occurrence of ventifacts (windworn pebbles, interpreted as markers of arid climate) is not only assigned an undemonstrated chronostratigraphic significance, but even claimed to merit predominance on the occurrence of the cosmopolitan marker Claraia (Valsassina, Orobic Alps, Posenato et al.
Diagnostic information was obtained by the CWT staff, often from the medical record, and is of undemonstrated validity.
This rich, naughty child, sentence reduced for undemonstrated good behaviour: "She can only win.
The authors wish to acknowledge the partnership and opportunity provided by Shane Beresford and Telstra who provided an opportunity and support to try undemonstrated approaches to repairing tunnel erosion.
Forrester continues his critique of Dumont: "'Dumont's work may be an intellectual tour de force, but it is doubtful whether it provides an adequate account of the variegated reality of Indian social life, in particular because he is obliged to neglect or explain away the quite substantial elements of egalitarian ideology which are and have been influential in India, and bases his whole project on undemonstrated and questionable assumptions about the architectonic role of ideology in society.
The benefit from such measures here is unneeded, undemonstrated and unlikely, yet all these and more are being imposed without even any plan to monitor and evaluate their effect.
But one candidate reason--that people who are coerced to say things that they do not believe are harmed by saying those things--remains undemonstrated, despite the prevalence of the belief that they are harmed.
TACOM is looking for previously undemonstrated technologies that can improve safety, survivability, reliability and mission readiness, and that can be available for production within six months of completing the verification process.