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Vesey," said Miss Halcombe, looking brighter, sharper, and readier than ever, by contrast with the undemonstrative old lady at her side, "what will you have?
It must be admitted that by temperament, the Quaid was seen as an undemonstrative, often unfeeling man.
His loving but undemonstrative parents stressed education and admonished him to keep being the "good boy" that he was.
Under the calm, gentle and undemonstrative direction of B Tommy Andersson, the orchestra gave a brilliantly controlled and structured performance of a mysterious work that leaves many questions unanswered.
Those texts paralleled Wang's undemonstrative establishment of his artistic style, as well as his political and moral principles, within the an overarching illusion of chaos.
Britten's music has to place all this in a nautical atmosphere at once brooding with discontent, coloured by flashes of patriotic fervour and held together by an undemonstrative comradeship.
The movie's key characters include a little girl who had an ineptly undemonstrative dad, who later ironically turned out to be involved in the plague's origins.
He's an undemonstrative leader but a calm and assured one.
And so we come to the strings, extraordinarily sumptuous and delicate when required, wonderfully coached and then ultimately shaped by Gardner, led by Millie Ashton, a concertmaster whose poise in her many solos, and her undemonstrative leadership, should ensure her a similar position in any professional orchestra.
Amla was bashed in some quarters for his passive approach to leadership and undemonstrative style that appeared to let games drift in Durban and Cape Town.
It had been a typically solid, undemonstrative showing from the full-back albeit with a bit more forward momentum than usual.
He is very undemonstrative in his work and we don't ask him serious questions on the gallops.