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This substantial contribution to public discussion was made knowing that Prime Minister Keith Holyoake (also his own minister) was alert to the initiative and undemonstratively supportive.
Meanwhile, for example, reflects Egan's ongoing interest in constructing three-dimensional steel "drawings": It resembles a simple architectural outline, but it is a stable metal structure on a floor-to-ceiling scale, draped with a large, pale-gray blanket that undemonstratively asserts the sturdy reality of these sculpturally sketched lines.
Which is why, although he confesses to a butterfly or two, the first day of last month's Open meeting - his first afternoon on public parade since his appointment - was something he took in his quiet stride, before moving undemonstratively on to the second.
Suarez, for the good name of Liverpool Football Club and in the interests of terrace and bar-room harmony, should have quickly and undemonstratively taken the proffered hand of Evra.