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But they will always fail to mention the accuracy of his historical observations, the undeniability of his mathematics and the fact that simply because our modern society has not collapsed does not mean that we are not in a cycle.
It is the objectivity of that image, and its very undeniability, that strike the narrator and challenge her.
The authors claimed their construction satisfies unforgeability, proxy signer deviation, identifability, undeniability and variability.
Biutiful" director Alejandro Gonzalez Inarritu attributes Bardem's nom to a certain undeniability about his turn that transcends language.
That is, typically the concern of early modern philosophy was with the justification of powerful scientific theories about the world; what in the end one gets are "truths"--the content of which is minimal--about the undeniability of the fact that wc are having certain kinds of subjective experience, or that there are certain claims to utter which leads to performative contradictions.
First, there is its undeniability in the context of seeking knowledge.
The monster, the rapacious relentlessness of it, the huge undeniability of it, the mean insistence of it, makes them.
Kristen Ess -- Successfully prosecuting the Israelis for war crimes stands a good chance this time due to the scale of the recent attacks on the Gaza Strip, the undeniability of the horror.
But the very undeniability of that conclusion reduces the payoff from the first part of the book.
As opposed to other historical artifacts of accounts, photographs have a particular ability to create historical memories because they appear to be unmediated and objective pieces of evidence: there is an undeniability about them.
Perhaps the key to the idea of cross-cultural moral truths is not that of objectivity or elimination of bias but that of universality or undeniability.
It's an irony that it is through such struggles that we can come to believe in the undeniability of good.