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It's undeniable. In Japan a mobile phone is as much an entertainment system as it is a portable medium to route voice traffic.
According to Glenshaw Glass, 348 US 426 (1955), gross income also encompasses "an undeniable accession to wealth, clearly realized, over which a taxpayer has complete dominion." In Indianapolis Power & Light, 493 US 203 (1990) (IPL), a taxpayer did not have, in general, an accession to wealth, nor complete dominion over an item received subject to a repayment obligation (e.g., a refundable deposit or loan).
Second, he notes that the injustice of innocent suffering is an undeniable and tragic moral fact of life.
[T]he undeniable truth is that armed citizens are safer than disarmed citizens....
That Israel is engaged in a life-and-death struggle against Palestinian terrorists is undeniable. And yet, the prime minister's choice of words in a clear attempt to seek legitimacy for his acts through a perverse linkage to the U.S.
It is undeniable that, for most people, it correctly identified concerns regarding years of underinvestment by the Conservatives.
Introduced just this year, PIMA's discount program for new attendees has met with undeniable success.
The volume never offers a single, stable definition or location for the term, but, generally speaking, it is used to refer to an encounter with some disorienting otherness that signified the undeniable presence of meaningfulness even as it suspended or even cancelled all the familiar landmarks of meaning.
Jefferson had written "sacred and undeniable." It may have been Benjamin Franklin who made this change.
Their undeniable technical genius is somehow being able to squeeze all these calls into the dinner hour!"
Four victims of Japanese military atrocities in 1937-1938 in Nanjing in eastern China arrived in Osaka on Thursday and said the massacre was an undeniable fact.
The individual case, recorded in a detailed narrative, has an undeniable human interest appeal as well.