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This profound humour, he says, 'does not present a picture of grandiosity and elation but that of a quiet inner triumph with an admixture of undenied melancholy' (1996, p 268).
(202) The Court held in Waterman that even though most relevant issues were not "uncontradicted and undenied" by opposing evidence, these contradictions were irrelevant.
Chelsea's injured captain John Terry has become the latest player to defend the Ivorian striker and insist that the player remains committed to the club despite the hard-hitting - and undenied - comments in the influential magazine France Football.
We've had undenied love from the whole family in supporting him through his addiction.
by the defenders' "undenied objective" to achieve their
It was Gary Neville who famously talked of the "cynical" and "stale" elements which had been purged after Eriksson's arrival, an undenied reference to Alan Shearer, Tony Adams and Stuart Pearce.
Serious movement toward peace usually arises in consternation, namely allowing the conflicts and contradictions in our lives to surface undisguised, undenied, and unwanted.
This was despite a distinct lack of evidence clearly linking her to the actually planning of the event and, aside from her undenied presence, a lack of evidence of her direct involvement in the deaths.
(26) And Paterson's "How Gilbert Died" follows Harpur in using repetition to effect closure: the ballad ends with the same stanza that had opened it, reinforcing a contrast between the nameless grave and its occupants survival in legend: There's never a stone at the sleeper's head, There's never a fence beside, And the wandering stock on the grave may tread Unnoticed and undenied, But the smallest child on the Watershed Can tell you how Gilbert died.
Rumors - undenied - that the Barak government would cede sovereignty over the Mount of Olives to the Palestinians have raised a storm among religious and ultra-orthodox parties.
But desire is undenied and asserts itself in one voice or another.