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The position paper on the problem, however, was quashed in favor of undenominational Christianity that in fact, served the purposes of empire, even while partially vindicating evangelical refusal to be trapped in never-ending quarrels about episcopacy and the stillborn attempts at confessional trans-cooperation.
He had offers of support from several local churches, but turned them down because he was determined to keep his school free of "isms" and "thoroughly religious in its spirit, but entirely undenominational.
The Christian Century was begun by the Disciples of Christ in 1884 as the Christian Oracle; in 1900 it changed its name and soon thereafter declared itself undenominational.
Our work is undenominational in character," Jones wrote in 1931.
Although organized and run by the American Presbyterian Church, the mission was considered to be practically undenominational (57) Massey focused his attention on visiting and attempting to bring to Jesus those families "who may be said to belong to the neglected classes, many of whom never enter our city churches.
I think that undenominational religious instruction is a contradiction in terms.
This was usually "an uninstitutionalised and undenominational radical Christianity.