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Thus, the end-user could suffer undependable illumination and pay through the nose for it.
While plenty of reliable medical information can be found on the web, users don't always know how to distinguish between the reliable and the undependable.
But, suppose the highly competent employee turned out to be undependable, impulsive, frequently absent or a safety risk?
Efforts to bring gas from Central Asian states seems futile as pipelines would cross lawless Afghanistan making is highly undependable energy resource, he said.
While the argument can be made that the US need only stay involved in the countries where it currently has a military footprint, history has illustrated the US as an undependable friend; one that swoops into vulnerable countries unannounced with a magic wand to make all the said country's political worries go away.
In it he voices the undependable dad Peter Griffin, the family's martini quaffing, talking dog Brian, and Stewie, the pompous baby with a British accent, who's hell bent on killing his mother.
In normal times, the informal financial market helps SMEs to get by; but the recent woes of Wenzhou, a city in southern Zhejiang province renowned for its freewheeling private economy, have shown that the informal financial market can be very volatile and undependable.
Moreover, Pakistan is the most undependable Indian neighbour, which after straining ties with the USA, is moving towards China.
Casual wine drinkers often rely on nothing more than a guess, buying wine based on how the label looks or other undependable indicators of quality.
The bane of every phlebotomy supervisor is managing undependable employees and the disruption their absences cause.
The first step toward making the global financial system more democratic and less vulnerable is to cut its dangerous dependence on the increasingly undependable US dollar.
It is too undependable and despite the speculators usually quite spurious claims, the outputs of even the latest skyscraper towers are trifling.