under advisement

See: at issue
References in classic literature ?
She had the matter under advisement, but a doubt as to whether or not she would sell or rent her hayfields kept her from coming to a conclusion.
According to PLANADVISER, this year's list highlights the quantitative standouts according to the dollar value of qualified plan assets under advisement as well as the number of plans under advisement.
Questions or comments proposed at the conference may either be answered at the meeting or will be taken under advisement.
Selectmen decided to take the bids under advisement while they are checked to make certain all stipulations were met.
A spokesperson for the FAA stated that it would take NTSB's recommendation under advisement, Reuters reported.
Tobler have more than 30 years of combined experience in financial services and approximately $180 million in total assets under advisement.
Royce Engler, chairman, said there will be no other deliberations in the interval, but the governing panel, which also consists of Ben Ostrowski and Gary Zane, will take under advisement and study comments presented by advocates and opponents of the project.
The Conservation Commission took all of the information and comment under advisement.
The school board will take the complaint under advisement, trustee Darrel Brown said.
1] Effective April 1, 2014, certain client assets previously reported as AUM have been reclassified as Assets Under Advisement (AUA).
EAST BROOKFIELD - A request to feature live bands or musical entertainment at the new Dunny's Tavern on East Main Street has been taken under advisement until Monday by the Board of Selectmen.