under consideration

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Still continuing no less attached to union than enamored of liberty, they observed the danger which immediately threatened the former and more remotely the latter; and being pursuaded that ample security for both could only be found in a national government more wisely framed, they as with one voice, convened the late convention at Philadelphia, to take that important subject under consideration.
Status: Under consideration by the Committee on Health, Education, Labor and Pensions.
A taxpayer under examination before Appeals or before any Federal court is permitted to change its accounting method for shrinkage to the methods provided in the revenue procedure; however, such a taxpayer would not receive audit protection for prior years if shrinkage is an issue under consideration on the date of filing the Form 3115.
The new procedure also provides further clarification of definitions such as "under examination" and "issues under consideration.
Status: Under consideration by Senate Committee on Finance.
482-7(f)(3)(iii)(A) - (D) include four indirect bases to measure benefits: (1) units used, produced or sold by each participant; (2) sales made or (3) operating profits earned by each participant that exploits the intangible developed under the CSA; and (4) other bases of measurement that might provide a reasonably identifiable relationship between the basis of measurement used and additional income generated or costs saved by the use of the covered intangibles under consideration.