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Levin sat down to wait till the professor should go, but he soon began to get interested in the subject under discussion.
The program under discussion is focused on purchase specifications in two main categories: 1) restricted metallic scrap would contain no auto shred, oil filters, oily turnings, lead Components, mercury switches, chlorinated plastics, or free organic liquids; and 2) general scrap, which can contain auto shred, but must be depleted of organics and HAP metals, must address mercury though specifications or certification that the scrap dealer participates in new EPA mercury switch removal program.
Unfortunately, this passage does not seem to be known to the Renaissance authors under discussion, but Eriksen proceeds in his introduction to emphasize Augustine's use of periodic constructions in certainly influential writings and, more importantly, his ascription of religious significance to such structuring, as symbolic of -- and instantiating -- cosmic order.