under the influence of

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Even the House of Representatives, though drawn immediately from the people, will be chosen very much under the influence of that class of men, whose influence over the people obtains for themselves an election into the State legislatures.
"Can we declare that he acted under undue influence; or, in plainer terms, under the influence of Mrs.
"If you tell me that, so far as you know, your husband capriciously struck you out of his will, without assignable reason or motive for doing so, and without other obvious explanation of his conduct than that he acted in this matter entirely under the influence of Mrs.
"Do you believe as I believe," he said, "that you were acting under the influence of the laudanum in doing all that you did, on the night of Miss Verinder's birthday, in Lady Verinder's house?"
I am, at this moment, exerting my intelligence (such as it is) in your service, under the influence of a dose of laudanum, some ten times larger than the dose Mr.
So much for the capacity of a man to occupy himself actively, and to move about from place to place under the influence of opium."
You may remember, under the influence of the second dose of opium, the place in which you hid the Diamond under the influence of the first."
Learning Under The Influence Of Language And Literature
Overall, Yamada's study of a Marlowe under the influence of these English and European writers usefully complements a longstanding scholarly project that aims to recognize the complexity of Marlowe s representational scholarship.
Nearly 18 percent of this group reported experiencing alcohol-related trouble with the police.(9) It is estimated that about one-half of the assailants in courtship violence on campus were under the influence of alcohol.(10) In case after case where violence occurred on campus, one or both parties were intoxicated.
There were buildings in Pretoria designed under the influence of contemporary Brazilian architecture, for example the Meat Board building by Stauch & Partners (1952).
The group of countries under the influence of the Vatican proposed another resolution: that, from a purely medical stand, point, population problems do not require any particular action on the part of WHO at the present time.