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On the special funds, Vice Foreign Minister Yutaka Kawashima said last week it is considered normal for embassy staff to collect such ''bonus'' money to treat themselves, adding it is not appropriate to call them under-the-counter funds.
Suffragette historian Jill Liddington of Halifax, who wrote a book about the Yorkshire suffragette movement, Rebel Girls, in 2006, knew that this was the home of the secretary and organiser of the Huddersfield branch of the WSPU, Emily Key, because Emily kept fastidious notes of branch activities, both legitimate and under-the-counter.
Barrow said foreign students also faced problems when seeking employment because they were allowed to work only 20 hours a week, forcing some into black market jobs and under-the-counter arrangements.
JEDDAH: Prince Khaled Al-Faisal, governor of Makkah province, announced yesterday that efforts would be intensified to prevent the illegal under-the-counter sale of dangerous pesticides, particularly those containing aluminum phosphide.
Customs - who seized the knives - and police are now hunting the under-the-counter dealers the shipment was destined for and its importer.
The question has to be asked what is next - under-the-counter sausages and top-shelf sweets?
GOLDIE Lookin' Chain started out as an under-the-counter experience, so for their latest album the Newport hip-hop crew have gone right back to their roots.
Cigarettes and other tobacco products are set to become under-the-counter items in the Irish Republic.
Shop bosses were hit with a caution and warned not to continue selling under-the-counter tobacco.
Any special requirements and you'd be looked at like some sort of freak, or directed to the nearest barber shop who apparently could provide you with a variety of under-the-counter goods while pretending to trim your sideburns.
Suleman - nicknamed Alfie - asks buyers to keep the under-the-counter trade a secret from BBC bosses, who pay for the use of his premises in Townhead.
Canterbury Bulldogs were caught red-handed, apparently, making under-the-counter payments to players and were deducted 37 points.