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INEC set up the committee following public outcry that greeted videos and photos of underage voting believed to have been shot during the Kano election.
We will continue to work to deter underage drinking," said Terri Egan, Executive Deputy Commissioner of the State DMV and Acting Chair of the Governor's Traffic Safety Committee.
The impounded vehicles and motorcycles of the underage drivers would only be released when their parents or guardians
Following the public complaints, police launched drive against illegal rickshaws and underage cyclists and motorcyclists.
It is pertinent to mention here that roads accident ratio had increased in Swat district due to underage and unlicensed drivers.
e Create a Campaign initiative invites teams of young people aged 12-15 to get creative and come up with a campaign to combat illegal underage sales.
Washington Neighbourhood Inspector Paul Stewart, said: "We will continue to carry out regular test purchases at off licences throughout Washington and take action to those selling alcohol to people underage and also adults buying alcohol for people under 18.
In a report it was revealed that Caerphilly trading standards have been clamping down on retailers who sell goods such as alcohol, tobacco, fireworks and lottery tickets to underage youngsters.
A test purchase operation - involving an underage volunteer visiting pubs and off licences and attempting to buy alcohol - has been carried out.
The suggestion was put forward by former association president Nicky Brennan, among others, on the back of the Dubs' recent string of successes at underage level.
The report showed that the highest rate of underage drinking occurred in Vermont--where 37% of youths reported consuming alcohol in the last month.
In fact, a greater proportion of American young people use alcohol than use other drugs or tobacco, and this use of alcohol by youth under the legal drinking age of 21 has profound negative consequences not just for underage drinkers, but also for their families, their communities, and society as a whole.